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In December 2015, Jennifer Silverstone traveled from Boston to refugee camps in Calais and Dunkirk, France. Thousands of families, mostly from Syria, had ended up there after long journeys in search of shelter from war and persecution. The conditions in the camps were difficult. Jennifer, a practicing nurse, provided material necessities, medical care, friendship, and human kindness. After meeting the refugees and witnessing life in the camps, Jennifer knew that life would never be the same. She returned to Boston with the determination to help as many refugees as possible. From this, Eyes on Refugees was born. Eyes on Refugees supports families fleeing war and persecution, and seeks to raise awareness of the refugee crisis. While Jennifer continues to travel to refugee camps in Europe to work towards sustainable solutions to this long-term crisis, most of our work is done locally. We provide support and resources to newly resettled refugees in Massachusetts. In short, we are welcoming our new neighbors with open arms. We are small, but we are a force. The civil war in Syria has proven to have displaced an unprecedented amount of humans and it can feel overwhelming, but we know we need to offer a helping hand to as many people as we can, one at a time.
Eyes on Refugees
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When you use this link to wrap-up your holiday shopping, Amazon donates to Eyes on Refugees! smile.amazon.com/ch/81-212001
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A wonderful fundraiser taking place in our own backyard!
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David VanderSchee, thank you for your incredibly generous donation!
It’s the kindness and generosity of humans like you that help our new neighbors find safe refuge and security in our own backyard.
Thank you from the EOR team!
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Hi Friends! So the second batch of tax forms and necklaces have gone out to the following donors: Cathy Mastromarino, Alison O. Leary, Nancy Bates Dapkiewicz, Diane Brooks Ring! Thank you so very much for your kind donations!
The next batch will be next week.
There are still necklaces for those that donate $50 or more to Eyes On Refugees!!!