Host a Refugee Family

By far the most valuable way you could help is to agree to open your home to a refugee family for a period of time, helping to ease their transition into the life and customs of their new homeland. Nothing is more critical to our mission than finding safe haven in a friendly environment for these innocent, yet truly desperate human beings fleeing war zones around the world. If you are interested in learning more about what may very well become the most rewarding gesture of human kindness you will ever have the opportunity to perform, please – PLEASE! – let us know.

Mentor a Refugee Family

Perhaps you would really like to help a refugee family transition into their new lives, but simply do not have the ability to take anyone into your home. In that case, we hope you will consider instead becoming a mentor to one of our families. Receiving much needed moral support from a friendly face can be every bit as rejuvenating to a family in need as are any of the other services they need to survive. Can you be that person? If so, we would truly love your help!

Attend (or Host) a Fundraiser

Eyes on Refugees works with organizations and individuals to raise the funds necessary to ensure the basic needs of the families we help are met. If you are interested in learning more about how you could host an event or would like to know when our next fundraiser is being held, click here.

Volunteer Your Time, Skills & Resources

Eyes on Refugees needs people who can help us help others. Specifically, we seek:

  • Property Owners – Do you own or manage housing units with vacancies? Perhaps some property in need of restoration we can provide, where refugee families can live while they actively work toward becoming an contributing member of the community?
  • Carpenters and Remodelers – Do you have the skills needed to do basic rehab on a house or apartment? Are you capable of helping out a work crew as they make a space livable for a family in desperate need of a safe place to call home?
  • Neighborhood Ambassadors – Are you able to help a refugee family become acquainted with their new neighborhood? Could you find a little time in your busy life to show them around, help them find where to buy groceries, clothing, etc…? Are you open to befriending someone who could really use a friend; a compassionate face in a strange new world?
  • Photographers and Videographers – Are you able to help us document the work we do? Are you able to attend a fundraising event and show the world how we help others? Could you visit a refugee family and help us “illustrate” their journey?
  • Musicians & Entertainers – Do you have musical talent? Are you a magician? A ventriloquist? A comedian? Would you be interested in showcasing that talent by becoming an active participant at a fundraising event?
  • Venue Owners/Managers – Do you own or manage a hall, a club, or a recreational venue? Would you be interested in allowing us to hold an event there?

If you fit any of the categories above – or have some other contribution you would like to make – just send us an email describing what you have in mind and we will get back to you as soon as humanly possible! (Please note: As further incentive to help us do good works, any assistance of this nature that you provide would be tax deductible.)

Direct Charitable Donations

Eyes On Refugees is a registered 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization and as such we believe in – and adhere to – total transparency about where donations are used. The worldwide refugee crisis is very fluid and constantly changing, and we are changing with it as needs dictate.

All donations go to where they are most needed.

Save One. Save a Generation.