Our Mission

Eyes on Refugees works to maintain the human dignity of those fleeing war and persecution while helping them reach safe refuge. We help one family at a time and adhere to the motto:

Save One. Save a Generation.

Our Pledge is to maintain the dignity and autonomy of the humans we help while supporting them and empowering them to a safe and fulfilling life.

Eyes On Refugees works locally with resettlement agencies to address any gaps these agencies are not able to fill. Our first pilot program launched in October 2016, placing refugees with a host family. A great success, this project provided the necessary support that empowered the refugee family to achieve independence in just a few short months.

Eyes On Refugees is proud to share this model with communities and with those who wish to become host families. We have also developed a Mentor Program.

Hosting or Mentoring a family is such an enriching experience and demonstrated the power of a simple act of kindness and its enormous impact it has directly on that specific family. Want more information on these programs? Let us know!

Eyes On Refugees works diligently to raise awareness by engaging our communities to get involved with collecting to support new refugee arrivals with household goods, collecting baby carriers and making hygiene packs to send to the camps, and social engagements in which refugees can feel a more personal relationship with the community in which they are becoming woven into.

We are currently seeking funding for a multi-family in the greater Boston area close to the highest population of refugees that are eager to start their new lives in the U.S.