To provide displaced, fragile people with basic needs while ensuring sustainable solutions that maintain their dignity and eliminate social injustices.


To ensure humans all over the world are treated with dignity and safe refuge.

Our Service

Communal Zones

A safe-haven for women and children in Dunkirk, with a communal kitchen and a classroom. This is our most important project to date and is near completion, requiring $40,000 to bring electricity into the 4 zones.

Mobile Medical Units

Constructed in Calais, and supervised by our partner, Dr. Hassan Chaudry of Refugee First Aid & Support, families in the camp seeking medical assistance, can be assured of clean, safe, and secure treatment.

Sponsor Families

We work with multiple community and religious leaders in Greece to identify the most vulnerable and find them a safe place to live, clothing and food. In addition, we provide legal aid, help registering and assistance in finding employment.

Locate and Secure Safe Houses

We currently have assisted 16 children in finding safe houses to live in. We plan to fund and find as many homes as possible to help curb the trafficking of these precious children.

Our History

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